Life Coaching Is a process of helping someone who functions with an average or above level of functioning in daily life, to set goals to achieve their full potential. This can be adapted for use with groups of people. As a coach, I can help a client recognize his/her potential for becoming a more effective person. I will evaluate your goals, give you feedback   and help you follow  through  successfully  with  your goals.

Anger Resolution is a combination of therapeutic techniques designed to teach anger control, anger management and appropriate anger resolution techniques.


Hypnosis is a useful psychological tool when it is utilized by a qualified and experienced mental health provider certified and trained in the appropriate use. Hypnosis can be used along with other treatment plans to control symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. It can also be used for: weight control, pain management, smoking cessation, enhancing sports performance, improve motivation and help improve attention span and focus.

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