All of us struggle with these challenges at some point or other because life can be difficult. That's just life. What's important is how we resolve the challenges. Constructive, meaningful, positive solutions to those struggles matter and allow a return to the fun part of living.


As a clinical psychologist, my focus is identifying and treating problems experienced by adults adolescents and children. Emotional reactions, thinking patterns, beliefs, how and what has been learned and the behaviors associated with these, all affect the satisfaction and overall happiness of our lives. The goal here at Hirsch & Associates is to increase feelings of emotional well-being, self-esteem, self concept and to broaden coping and problem-solving skills. The intent with this focus is to improve these areas within a person to create a holistic healthy person who has a better ability to engage in relationships.


Choosing a mental health professional is one of the most  important decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable  and accessible. Someone who  is willing to take the time to go over your options with you, and will treat you as a person.  My  preferred treatment style is based on positive psychology. This theory covers levels of happiness experienced by individuals over a 40 year time frame. In applying this practice, I focus on helping the person release stress,  depression, anxiety and any other problems or concerns the person may have.

Utilizing the persons current thinking and belief system, I teach them how to reach their optimum level of success and contentment. Peace can be found unraveling the tight knots.  As a motivator, therapist and life coach, I offer effective, long-lasting help for people that are suffering from anxiety, personality disorders, fears, PTSD, and depression to name a few.  Oh sure, everyone has training, but not everyone consistently gets results. At Hirsch and Associates we believe this life-changing business depends on three main things;


Qualified help

Qualified help - YOU connect with

Qualified help - Who BELIEVES in you


At our clinic we insist on the-highest level of training and skill for our therapists.  When you are selecting someone to work with, ask them if they practice this kind of work full or part time. So, how do you know if they're right for you? Because you feel several things when you meet them. First you feel that they are focused on you. They are listening. They are engaged. Trust your gut...YOU'LL KNOW If they are right for you and if they are not; get out of there. Your life is too important to entrusted to someone who is not all of the above!


Finally, you must insist on working with someone who believes in you. Why?  Because change is a partnership and involves hope. You will need encouragement and confrontation along the way and someone who cares about your life improving.

Here at Hirsch and Associates,  we  honor these  requirements  and we do so with commitment  and  intensity.  We  are not for everyone, but those we choose to work with us get better and that's the primary reason we been in business for the past 27 years.  What would you like to see yourself successfully creating, achieving, accomplishing at this point in your life?


Call us, we would like to meet you and see if we connect the way we need to for it be the powerful experience that can change your life!



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